2022 Skylark Classic
Why is this called 'The Skylark Classic' ?
Selection Sunday:
March 13 @ 6:00 pm CST
Entry Deadline:
March 17 @ 11:15 am CST
  The 28th Annual NCAA March Madness "Skylark Classic" Pool-To-End-All-Pools  
The Multiplex Scoring System
We will be using my self-designed "Multiplex" scoring system once again. Your total points will be determined by adding the number of points accumulated in each round. The highest total points will be the winner. Points will be awarded on the following basis: For each blank that you pick correctly, take the seed number of the team, which is listed to their left, multiplied by the factor listed at the top of each round. For example, if you select a Number 1 seed to beat a Number 16 seed in the first round, and they win, you will receive 2 points (#1 seed x 2). If you pick a Number 1 seed to win again in the second round, and they do win again, you will receive 4 more points (#1 x 4).
On the other hand, if you were to take a Number 16 seed to beat a Number 1 seed in the first round (!?$#@) and this upset occurs, then you would get 32 points (#16 seed x 2) just for picking the Number 16 seed. If you push your luck and pick a Number 16 seed to win again in the second round--and they do--you will receive an additional 64 points (#16 seed x 4). Got it? I hope so.
It really sounds more complicated than it is. This system rewards you for picking upsets by giving you more points for taking the lower seeds, and also weighs the later rounds heavier than the early rounds because they are more difficult to predict.

1. Highest number of correctly picked blanks on the bracket.
2. Highest number of correctly picked blanks involving the actual Final Four teams.
3. Highest number of wins from the teams that you predicted to make the Final Four.
4. Having the National Champion correct.
GOOD LUCK! It takes plenty to win.
The donation for the pool is $7.00 (Venmo preferred). Please send to Venmo @Steven-Dusty-Rhoads-8 and include your bracket name with your payment.
You can also Paypal Friends and Family to steverhoads8@hotmail.com
You must have your picks and your donation in by Thursday, March 17 @ 11:15 AM CST .

Per Potus' request, here it is:

11th - 16th Place$7 (your entry fee back)
9th - 10th Placeapprox 1%
5th - 8th Placeapprox 2%
4th Placeapprox 6%
3rd Placeapprox 9%
2nd Placeapprox 15%
1st PlaceEverything else (approx 55%)
Everyone else -- "You're all winners in my eyes."

Here is a link to last years results.