2023 Skylark Classic
Why is this called 'The Skylark Classic' ?
Selection Sunday:
March 12 @ 6:00 pm CST
Entry Deadline:
March 16 @ 11:15 am CST
  Skylark Goes Global  
By Dan Flaherty (2006)
  A truly great idea can never be kept contained for long—all it takes is one bold voice to sound the clarion call. No one could stop the spread of democracy in Eastern Europe, once Ronald Reagan spoke out against the Soviet Union. No one could contain Christianity once the apostle Paul traveled to Corinth. And thus it is with the Skylark Classic. An idea that was once confined to nine underachieving students in Bob Dorn's 1988 accounting class at Oconomowoc High has now began to exert its influence beyond the borders of even this rapidly expanding pool.

The matchmaking website, Catholic Match (current employer of this insightful and multi-talented writer) has adopted the Skylark format for its own and is offering its membership of 50,000 the chance to fill out their own brackets under the exact same scoring conditions that those fortunate members of this site have been accustomed to for year. The new participants will not be competing through this website, so don't look for their brackets here. But it is a mark of the greatness of the Multiplex format, in that it received the sincerest form of flattery—imitation.

Catholic Match's reach is global (its traffic surpasses even that of the Vatican!), so this means that somewhere in the Philippines, they'll be telling each other "It really sounds more complicated then it is." Perhaps down under in Australia, they'll be contemplating whether the increased point totals that come with picking a #12 seed justifies picking Texas A&M over Syracuse. In Ireland, they'll be coming out of the pubs asking "Lad, how could ya be takin' Memphis to go to Indianapolis? They be a terrible buy as a one seed."

Yes, its true The Skylark has gone global. We've come a long way, baby.
  Dan Flaherty is the editor of many different websites including The Sports Notebook